Vernon Head

Senior Partner

Vernon R.L. Head was born in Cape Town (South Africa). He grew up in a bungalow near the sea. He studied architecture, winning national and international awards for design and creative thinking. He is presently Chairman of BirdLife South Africa, one of Africa’s biggest and most influential conservation organisations.

Vernon Head is the principal and founder of VERNON HEAD ARCHITECTS, who work solely with blue chip customers. Vernon’s creativity and innovative ideas have him a name in the industry for unconventional yet practical solutions for design-orientated homeowners.

“Vernon was the first South African to win a merit award in the prestigious Willem Van Allen Design Competition in New York. His work is published locally and internationally and his built spaces are a passionate celebration of the natural environment.”

He is determined to make a mark in future living on this planet and to re-define green luxury housing. His homes are sensitive art-objects in pristine landscapes, juxtaposing primordial nature. “A home is a private sanctuary that must connect to, but never imitate, the natural world. The site will always tell you what the house wants to be…architectural space is a temporary custodian of an ever-changing environment…” he says.

Vernon is predominately working on projects in South Africa and the fast growing and lucrative African markets.   With Vernon’s undiluted flair for design and impeccable eye for detail coupled with Stephen Moore’s hands on approach, they make a formidable duo.