Albert Mulando

Executive Director
(Mining, Manufacturing & Public Sector)

Albert Mulando is a Lincoln W executive director and a member of the business’s operating committee. He was appointed senior consultant in 2017 and executive director in January 2018. Albert is a businessman and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry.

Albert has extensive experience in the production of construction materials and in mining. Having a mining background, Albert has worked for Anglo-American and DeBeers in South Africa. He has an unrivalled understanding and expertise of the mining and construction equipment industry in Europe and Africa.

Albert is an engineer by trade and has a Master’s degree in engineering, an MBA in information system and a PhD from the Universities of the Witwatersrand and Oxford. Based in Manchester, UK, Albert travels Europe-wide and Africa helping companies, organisations and state entities to improve the quality, cost and delivery of products and services. He is both a mentor and a consultant, really understanding customer values and personal issues faced by clients to bring innovative solutions tailored to the specificity of clients’ problems and needs.

Albert works with a wide range of clients from global multi-nationals to family owned businesses, and with public and third sector organisations